Tour guide in Israel since 2000. Knowledgeable in many fields: history, archaeology, urban planning, nature and even birdwatching. lives in Tel-Aviv.

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I am Itamar, a tour guide since 2000. Born and raised in Israel but fluent in English and Spanish.

Since my childhood I was attracted to go and explore my country, by travelling, hiking and reading about it. After my military service in the inteligence forces I started my tour guide course - an amazing experience and one of the best decisions of my life. However, my curiosity didn't stop there, so I continued my studies, graduating my bachelor degree in Biology and environmental studies and my Master in Urban Planning.

After working some years in the department for national infrastructure planning and later on teaching science in school, I decided it's about time to go back to what I allways loved to do - tour guiding.

Today I focus on tours in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and natural and archaeological sites across the country. In Jerusalem I guide mostly  in the old city, where I like to show the common elements of the 3 monotheisitic religions related to to the city and also the rich flavours of the city.  In Tel-Aviv I like to introduce the people with the urban planning and architecture of this young city. In the rest of the countrey I like to show my groups the beauties of the nature of the country and it's diverse ancient cultures.

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