Touring in Uganda is more fun when your with a native Ugandan who can speak more than 7 native languages, tour with me describes what Africa got.

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I am Ddamba Dwayne born Ddamba Hawarl, a native Ugandan and muganda by tribe. Am young and energetic to take you around ugandas historical sites and tourism sites like:

Source of river Nile
Buganda kingdom royal tombs
Itanda falls
Bujagali falls
Wanale hills
Mabira forest
Port bell
Kampala slums
Busoga regions
Traditional dance entertainment
Photo shoot
Different islands on lake Victoria and many more of your choice as long as you will abide the laws of Uganda.  I can communicate in different native language of Uganda like :

Luganda for baganda
Lusoga for basoga
Lutoro for batooro
Gishu for bagisu
Japadhola for naps
Samia for basamia

Different activities in Uganda and local dishes too


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