Let me show the hidden beauty in Algeria ,let me take to see the world in one country , culture ,fun , nature, live unforgettable experience

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see the world in one country 

unforgettable experince will make you return to explore more

Testimonials about Nehad Benz

German tourist

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I am pleased to give you some information about Nehad.

I got into contact with her via internet search. I needed a guide for a professorial colleague and me to get an idea about Algier. We were attending the International Congress of Health Sciences and Medical Technologies in Algier last year. We had 3 to 4 days left to visit all the sights of historical and present significence.

Nehad had mastered her job excellently. We successfully followed her advice to find a clean and affordable hotel in the center of Algier. She gave us advice where to go and what to visit according to our interests, arranged the itinary and schedule comprehensively, guided us site-directed and confidently, informed us in-depth about historical origins and current contexts and always had a good view to our personal well-being including an attentive selection of local restaurants. We enjoyed to realize the days passing by swiftly and always had a good feeling of safety within the town and its surroundings.

Nehad is speaking English very well with a rapid and correct understanding. She has a profound knowledge of Algier and Algeria, its history and development as well as its daily contexts and it was a delight to exchange and discuss aspects which were of our interest. What we liked very much as tourists by German origin was her punctuality, reliability, friendliness and outcome-oriented attitude towards sudden alterations of plan. Her competent handling of the handy and her integration into a network of others was very helpful.

I recommend Nehad without any doubt as a professional guide of high standard. She raised our interest to arrange further sightseeings with her when we come back to Algeria later this year to attend the 4th edition of the congress. We met Nehad as a sympathetic and enthusiastic representative of Modern Algeria.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Seger

Solo woman traveller in Algeria

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Nehad was a fantastic tour guide. I could not have asked for better guide, I literally hit the Jackpot with her. She went above and beyond my expectations and I now have a dear friend who I can rely on when I next visit to Algeria. When looking for a guide for Algiers through websites I wanted female guide who was similar to my age to show me around their city in order to get their perspective of how life is in Algiers. As a female solo traveller it’s a lot easier to find male tour guides than female ones and I already had two other male guides booked Algeria. I did have some reservations that maybe I wouldn’t get along with Nehad as I don’t have many female friends. But all my concerns were put at bay when we met, we instantly hit it off. She is lovely girl, very kind, patient and was very knowledgeable. She picked me up at my hotel and dropped me back at the end of the tour and was flexible enough to change the itinerary when I wasn’t feeling well. She went above the call of duty went to pharmacy and bought me paracetamol when she didn’t need to and she even postponed an interview she had the following day in order to take me to airport which she also didn’t need to. This was true Algerian hospitality and I’m very grateful for that. My only regret is I had two days with her in Algiers which wasn’t enough time. So means I have to go back as I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. The country has so much to offer. Thank you so much Nehad, hope to see you soon in the near future.

Tours of Nehad Benz

Casbah tour

Casbah,katchuoa ,Aziza palace, the citadel

€ 30 Per person

Starting point : place of martyrs
Visit :
_ ruins of the mosque of the lady
_ palace of aziza
_katchuoa mosque
_ palace mustapha basha
_ artisants copper smith
_ palace of the blind khadidja
_ the moseulem of sidi....

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Explore Algeria


€ 1800 Per person

First day: pick up from airport,transfert to hotel
Second day: visit casbah ,notre dame cathedral, bastion 23.
Third day : visit museums(bardo, antiquity)of algiers and gardens(freedom ,hama) and the saint heart cathedral,lunch, martyrs monument ,take....

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