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Reviewed by Valerie G

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Knowledgeable and Passionate
I was fortunate enough to do a walking tour of Nairobi with Dream It Do It in December 2016. It was a fantastic half day seeing sights and hearing about the history of Nairobi. The highlight was standing on the helicopter pad on the top of the Conference Center, the second tallest building in Nairobi at the time. What a view!

Later we had lunch, included in the ticket price, at a local restaurant where I think I was the only tourist. The food was authentic and delicious.

Peter was on time, knowledgeable, and showed an interest in me and what I was looking for. It just happened that I was the only guest. I strongly recommend this company and the tour of Nairobi.

Reviewed by User999

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Support Local Tourism with Excellent Results!
I HIGHLY recommend Dream It Do it East Africa Safaris for your trip to East Africa!! Peter was born and raised in Kenya and has built this business from the ground-up. He focuses on unique experiences while also hitting the important areas to know a destination. He is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about the culture, history, and the behavior/science of the safari animals, as well.

He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are thoroughly enjoying their trip and that they are completely satisfied, but is also just nice to talk to as a person. I would go back on a tour with him in a heartbeat and also feel good knowing the proceeds go directly to him and his family rather than some large company with less client service.

Reviewed by Kaizen B

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Kenya and Tanzania
I had been planning a trip of a lifetime to East Africa for a long time so when I finally booked this trip One of the key thingsI was really hoping for was a good quality tour guide. And here comes Peter...as soon as he introduced himself I felt welcomed and felt his positive energy and passion. The trip was exceptional no doubt with the help of his passion and advocacy for his country, his people, and wildlife. Peter was always receptive to our questions and concerns and really was interested in sharing his experiences. He is a top quality guide and I wouldn't hesitate booking with him again! In fact after the first week I booked for a second week because I was enjoying myself so much! Hakuna matata!

Reviewed by Fiona B

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Great tour leader!
Amazing tour leader, very helpful, informative and knowledgeable, always went above and beyond, could not recommend more!

Reviewed by ChristoGLondon

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Kenya / Tanzania safari
Went on safari for our honeymoon, and cannot recommend Dream It Do It enough - Kip is not only a kind, helpful and very friendly person, he is also incredibly well-informed and has an almost superhuman ability to spot animals in the wild. Every day we saw something new, and with each new animal came flood of fascinating information. Hugely educational and great fun, you won't find a better tour guide out there.

Reviewed by JAP1973

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An Adventure of a Lifetime
My husband and I went on an overland trip to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with Dream it Do It East Africa Safaris. It was an amazing experience. Kip was a fabulous tour leader and was supported by a great team. I had very high expectations before the trip and these were exceeded. Animal wise we saw everything we wanted to and more and trekking to see the mountain gorillas was a truly memorable experience. I would not have any hesitation in recommending this company as I could not fault anything.


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Kip was one of the most hard working leaders I have met - nothing was too much trouble and he was very informative!
The trip was brilliant and was made even better by kip and his team who were so hard working always with a smile on their faces! He knew all about the wildlife and knew his stuff!

Reviewed by Elly A

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Trustworthy guide!
Kips is a wonderful guide. He is kind, hard-working, trustworthy, accommodating, and knowledgeable. He knows the area well and knows how to make things happen. He listens to his customers and likes to cater to their needs and interests.

Reviewed by Susan B

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Had a great time with Peter. Great guide, passionate, knowledgeable and kind! He was always there when I needed him and I would really advice a traveling with him! Thanks again!

Reviewed by LLinnie

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Einfach zauberhaft!
Bei meiner Afrikareise war ich mit Kip in Kenia und Tansania unterwegs. Er ist ein wunderbarer Guide und hat ein ausgezeichnetes Wissen über Land und Leute, auf jede Frage konnte er mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen eine Antwort geben. Kip hat eine sehr warme, herzliche Art und interessiert sich enorm für seine Gäste. Nicht zuletzt mit seiner angenehmen und offenen Art hat Kip die Reise zu einem wunderbaren Erlebnis gemacht. Definitiv empfehlenswert!

Reviewed by Christine D

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An excellent guide
Kip was my guide in Kenya for a safari. He is one of the best. He is taking care of everyone, making sure that everything is ok. And he is excellent to spot the animal.

Reviewed by 585harryz

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tent safari through nationalparks in kenya and tansania
I remember Kip as a very friendly, helpfull, sober, trutstwohrthy and very competent personality.
His hughe knowlege about wildlife and plants, about triebs and african life, his smart sense of humor makes him to an exceptional guide. Lucky you, when have him as a guide !
I wish him the very best !

Reviewed by sonya c

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Congratulations Kip
Kip was our guide for a previous tour company prior to him founding his own identity. Her was incredibly organised, friendly, knowledgeable. His communication skills are second to none. This was our 5th & 6th trip to Africa and can honestly say he was one of the best. He will be a very successful leader in his own business. Great roll model for his little boy!!

Reviewed by DutchbirdUk

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An amazing African experience!
Kip is one of the best guides that I have had on any of my trips. He is organised, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. He planned a really good itinerary and went over and above to make sure that I had everything I needed. I highly recommend him for any trip in east Africa 🙂

Reviewed by Brooke S

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Dream Trip In Africa - Down To Kip
We were lucky enough to get Kip for our entire 4 week tour through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania & Zanzibar 🙂
Kip was absolutely and positively amazing!! I remember thinking from day one how lucky we had struck it on getting Kip as our tour leader and day after day I was proven right. Kip was the most kind, helpful & knowledgeble leader you could ever dream of and made our trip to Africa even more memorable than if it had been with any average guide.
You can absolutely not go wrong in choosing Dream It Do It East Africa Safaris for your next visit to Africa 🙂

Reviewed by EllieCraig

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Excellent, personalized tours!
We booked two tours: Lake Nakuru day safari and a Mt. Longonot hike/Hell's Gate day tour. I could not recommend this company more! We had exceptional service with absolutely no stress. Booking was flexible and easy, and each time we had excellent, knowledgable guides who took very good care of us. Loved exploring Kenya with them!


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One on one walking tour!
Thank you to Kip's sister for taking me on a Nairobi Walking Tour. I enjoyed it and wouldn't have got to see any of that without a local guide. I travel solo so I enjoy walking tours and have done many across the world. This one will always be my best.

It was great to not only see the "must see" sights but also get to know Kenyan city life from a local. She was not shy on answering rather personal questions about the reality of Nairobian life. She explained very well and we got on nicely. The lunch was a surprise because I didn't know it was included! But this gave me the courage to go on and visit these kinds of places by myself.

Excellent idea to include a bottle of water!

All in all I'd recommend anyone who likes walking city tours to use this operator. Very professional and friendly. I like that Kip made contact with me via what's app prior to the tour commencing introducing himself. You made me feel my business was appreciated!

This tour has a length of about 3 or so hours, but not hard at all. Wear good shoes!


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Great Safari
We traveled with Peter to the Maasai Mara and I couldn't fault the trip. The professionalism, organisation and safety in politically hard times made me feel safe and be able to relax and enjoy the wildlife.

Helen B

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We booked this tour through Viator as it was the cheapest that we could find out of the many tours and also included lunch. We were just expecting a taxi service to be honest, but we got so much more! Kip arrived at the hotel early, was smartly dressed and was very kind and welcoming with a big smile. The vehicle was the usual Nairobi tourist mini van with plenty of complimentary water. On our way to the Giraffe Centre, Kip gave us lots of useful local information of the areas we drove through and about Nairobi and Kenya in general which was fascinating, then waited for us while we got slobbered on by giraffes! Kip's timing was perfect as found out it's best to get to the Elephant Sanctuary early as it's so busy only being open for one hour - we got to the front of the queue, and were advised to be quick off the mark when let in to get the best spot. Seeing we were photographers, Kip knew where we would get the best shots from and where the best light was, taking us straight to the right spot and then giving us more information about which direction the elephants would be coming from etc (which everyone around us was keen to listen to also!). Lunch was due afterwards which we chose to decline as were keen to get back and pack for our flight home, but Kip still offered to take us somewhere else if we had wanted to.
Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone, easier than doing this on your own, plus you get more information and knowledge.