At we give professional tour guides a competitive edge in the world of modern tourism which also benefits the traveler.

Booqify is an innovative, sophisticated platform that is changing the world of travelers and puts the professional tour guides at the center, giving you quality, reliability and transparency without you having to pay for it!

Weather you are just looking for a guided day tour or a full week safari, use the service and knowledge of a professional and independent tour guide.

So what’s new, why Booqify?

Let’s be honest: the tourism industry is not very innovative and the commission system made it pretty corrupt. The result is that you, the traveler, can easily be suffering twice, in both monetary terms and with lack of quality. Too many tour operators try to sell you everything with a low price guarantee, hotel concierges can take exorbitant fees while the person with the most influence on your holiday, your tour guide, is at the bottom of priorities often receiving minimum wage or less.

Independent tour guides not only know the area they are guiding in but also know the local tour operators, hotels etc. So why not start with selecting a tour guide that best matches with you and let her suggest a tour operator if you need one. A tour guide can let you know which itineraries will suite you.

Booqify is founded and run by tour guides, in every destination there is or will be a tour guide managing daily Booqify tours together with a selected group of “Booqify Guides”.

In the past a tour guide’s reputation was important mainly to get future clients. In the world of Booqify his reputation is also being watched by other tour guides, because we work together under one name, Booqify, which stands for quality, reliability, transparency and excellent value for money.



Booqify tours are guided and managed by tour guides, meaning no overhead and lower prices.
If you select a tour guide who will advise you an itinerary of a tour operator you will not pay more with going directly to the tour operator, a good chance you even pay less.
You can recognize a Booqify tours with the logo null

You write what you wish and your request will be forwarded to relevant tour guides who will respond with their advice and offers.

Use our filters to do your own search and get in direct contact with tour guides by email, or phone.

These guides are selected by the destination manager, also a tour guide, and have proven themselves with the qualities we cherish at Booqify. It does not mean that other tour guides without the logo are less, we just have to get to know them better.
Booqify Guides can be identified by the Booqify logo null in front of their name

As mentioned before, the tourism world is full of commission for professionals, not accessible for consumers. We are not against it, we just want transparency, so you get the best offer based on quality. So if a tour guide suggest a hotel he will also send you one or more links to book it which entitles him to a commission.
Every guide on Booqify has his own Travel Shop, with big names like, Expedia,, etc. and you can really show your appreciation for a guide by booking your hotel, car, restaurant, museum tickets etc. via the Travel Shop of your favorite tour guide.
You pay the same as booking direct on any of these site but now you can enjoy the art of giving.

Background is founded by Menno de Vries. Menno has over 20 years of experience in using and applying internet technology and offering outstanding and easy to use online application to specifically small business owners.

In 1996 Menno started his first internet company serving both SMB and international companies like Eurolines, Eurostar and ING. In the beginning of that same year he launched Hollands first online restaurant guide which became the largest one in the Netherlands when commercial internet soared in the 00s. This company,, was sold to RTL Ventures and ended up in the hands of Tripadvisor.

menno-booqifyIt’s exciting here at booqify, inspiring even. Helping leisure and business travelers, whatever their budgets, easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best itineraries and accommodations to stay.

When the concept of “cashback” arrived Menno envisioned the potential of using social media engagement for the benefit of society. The result was SponsorKliks, which became the largest non-profit platform, used by thousands of schools, scouting groups, churches and sports clubs for extra income.

After selling his restaurant directory he joined the Israel School of Tourism and studied for two years to become a licensed guide in the Holy Land. As a Hovevei Zion and tour guide he resented some customs in the contemporary Israeli tourism business. Intermediaries like hotel receptions, not even concierges, take away up to 50% of the tour guides fee. For this reason he started a tour guide directory where tour guides can present themselves and where tours can be booked online and tour guides get at least 90% of the income.

To make Booqify manageable Menno teamed up with a few class mates and other tour guides, they are also the onces guiding the Booqify tours which can be booked online.

Willem Sterneberg, Global Sales Manager
Willem grew up in Holland. Had a career as an actor. His spiritual search landed him in the USA, while he always thought that he would end up as a Zen monk in Japan. God does move in mysterious ways. In America he became a successful real estate agent and gotten involved in a respectfull MLM (Multi level marketing) company, where he reached high levels of success. The USA developed his business side, while in Europe his creative mind was created. Together they are the perfect set up for a company as Booqify. .


Eva Grunhut
Originally from Hungary, Eva encourages her tourists to have conversations with local people, and to be open to absorb the complexities of this vibrant and history rich country.


Agustina Efrat
Originally from Argentina, Efrat’s goal is to give her tourists the opportunity to find their own connection to this land.


tour guide jose gomez, city manager dubai
Jose Gomez, City Manager Dubai, UAE
Residing in Dubai since 10 years.


tour guide Alessia Aquilanti, city manager Rome
Alessia Aquilanti, City Manager Rome, Italy
An Archaeologist, Wine-taster and Food-lover


tour guide Moustafa Sanad, city manager Cairo
Moustafa Sanad, City Manager Cairo, Egypt
Tour guide and Egyptologist


tour guide Dhurba Sapkota, city manager Kathmandu, Nepal
Dhurba Sapkota , City Manager Kathmandu, Nepal
Trekking guide and tour operator in the Himalayas


tour guide Htay Win, city manager Yangcon, Myanmar
Htay Win, City Manager Yangcon, Myanmar
Graduated from university with a degree in Psychology, Htay works in the tourism industry as a tour guide for many years in Myanmar.


Patrick Meyerfeld
Originally from France, Patrick is eager for you to discover how rich and diverse the history and present day culture of Israel is.


Ronni Ishaky
Originally from Canada. Ronni has been a professional travel guide since 2003. She started her guiding career in Canada and migrated her work to Israel during the ‘winter’ months – that is, if you can call Israeli winters really ‘winter’. So in fact, she works in both countries. I like the diversity and if you like diversity in ideas and people, than I maybe the guide for you.


Patric Cohn
Originally from Belgium, Patrick has a passion for archaeology, history, religions, Zionism, nature and geology. He likes and encourages interactions between locals and you.