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The choice of becoming a tour guide is to work independently. It always motivates me as a loyal citizen of  country to help people who loves to travel my country, Nepal.

As a lover of nature and culture, interests me to explain and to spread them to those interested people who likes to learn more about it. Happy always working as a guide is interacting with customers not only delights me to describe my country, geography, culture and history. It also gives me an opportunity to learn theirs as well.

Holding a bachelors degree on humanities and social sciences holding a hobby of writing poetry. passionate and devoted to my work sometime can entertain tourist reciting them too, as an extra spice to taste my services.

Permanent inhabitant of Pokhara-22, Pokhara viewpoint, Kaski, Nepal. Already promoted a father of two Kids. And I am proud to be a Nepalese, Where not only the Himalaya dwells but also the mosaic of culture, religion nature and adventure, specially for those travel enthusiast to learn particular country.

Former experiences of guest service agent and ticket salesman in touristic places taught me the know how of communicative skills to facilitate the customers as a guide.

Feel the country, feel the difference

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Profile image of tour guide Hem Raj

If any one is looking for memorable experience in Nepal.

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