Indian born and brought up in Dubai, working as a Tour Guide for English and German speaking markets.

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Hello reader,

Thank you for stopping by. I am an Indian, who was born and brought up in this glamorous place called Dubai.

The glamour and glitz of the city hasn't rubbed off on me yet, I like the old part of the city where it all began. I believe in having variety in my professional life. During the tourism season I work as a Tour guide and then in the off season I like to teach languages. This keeps me active and updated throughout the year.

My interests are Religion, Mythology, Culture and Food. When we will meet, we might be discussing about these topics. How the body language changes from region to region will be explained.

If you are looking for an answer to "WHY" things are done in a particular manner then you have met your Tour guide...

Waiting to see you!!

Tours of Vibha Talati

Food Tour

$ 135 per tour

Dubai is a city where around 200 nationalities live together in harmony. A city that is around 4000 square kilometer (and ever expanding) big has so much to offer not only sightseeing wise but also culinary wise.

Come embark on a food tour with me where....

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Ancient Dubai $159
Desert Safari $ 289
Airport Layover $ 289
Deep Sea Fishing $595