I will be your key to deciphering the ancient and modern Egyptian history,it is not only about archaeology,but it is also about people.

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If we are asked to name the most interesting country in the world, I suppose that most people would say Egypt—not because having been the home of Pyramids. But that Egypt, is a land which has a most strange and wonderful story of its own.
So in tours I want to tell you something about this wonderful and interesting old country, and about the kind of life that people lived in it in those days of long ago, before most other lands had begun to waken up, or to have any history at all. It is a very remarkable thing that so many of the countries which have played a great part in the history of the world have been small countries. And Egypt, too, is comparatively a small land, but with huge legacy.
Let us get to know together the real Egypt, let me decipher the so called controversies of Egypt:
"Egypt is the gift of the Nile," is that true?
How can a rainless country grow anything?
Are the Egyptians Africans, Asians, or Arabs or Mediterranean?
In no other land can you see the real people and things of the days of long ago as you can see them in Egypt.
In presenting Egypt’s history, I rely heavily on the present. That is because the present responsible for restoring and deciphering some mysteries of the Egyptian history, culture, and civilization.
With Saladino, you can see the pictures of how people lived in those far-away days, how their houses were built, how they traded and toiled, how they amused themselves, how they worshipped God.

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