Ancient Egyptian Mythology - Egypt Has It All

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Salam Alikom my lovely travellers. I am an English speaking tour guide and Egyptologist, I love Egypt and can only tell you what is in my heart and share with you my love for this great land and its people. No matter how often you visit, there is always something new to see and discover. I don't know why this is, it's just the way things are in Egypt. As you drive through some of the busiest streets of Cairo towards Giza, you are surrounded on all sides by honking, bumper-to-bumper traffic, then suddenly without warning you see the Pyramids right before your eyes and you not only know where you are, you feel it too. It is the contrast between the old and new and the ease with which Egyptians bridge the gap that I find most amazing..
Welcome to Egypt, or in Arabic ( Marhaba fi Misr )