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CHARLES K (Trip Advisor)

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7 stars !! Worth every penny!
Let me first start with our tour guide was Assim. He was very professional and infomative. I told him my main interests which were sand boarding and riding the ATV on the sand dunes. I also told him I wanted a picture with the sunset in the desert. He DELIVERED! ! I got everything I asked for and even more! My brother had so much fun with the ATV rides. Assim recommended the best spots because we had limited time. We were hungry and he took us to a restaurant at the mall, where he waited until we finished eating.
The tour guide is at your disposal

love-to-travel9753 Solihull, United Kingdom (Trip Advisor)

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Brilliant morning Dubai desert safari!
Assim was our tour guide and was waiting for us at our hotel right on time. We drove into the desert and Assim was very knowledgeable about Dubai and chatted with us all the way. First stop was a place where you can ride a quad bike. This was an extra charge to the agreed price, but we decided to try it out while we were there and we are glad we did as it was great fun. Assim was great and got some good photos of us and a video.

At the same place we also rode a camel, which was a fun experience.

Then we went on to the large sand dunes where Assim gave us a great time dune bashing. He is a great driver and it is was amazing going up some huge sand dunes and there was only us and one other car in the whole area of the desert. Then we stopped at the top of one of the massive dunes and got out the car for a chance for some photos in the middle of the desert and the 'jumping' photos. Again Assim made sure we got some great shots.

Then we tried sand boarding, which was also great fun, although a word of advice - wear closed shoes. I wore flip flops and the sand was extremely hot so I was unable to walk back up the dune to have another go on the board. Assim was great though and came down the dune in the car to get us so we could do some more dune bashing.

All in all a great experience, with a great guide and highly recommended for any Dubai trip

Stefano G Riomaggiore, Italy

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The tour was perfect
The guide assim ali was so nice And professional And the best photografer for all the Group !

Frank, Anabel, Marali, René & Anael from Mexico

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City of Dubai Tour

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