Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, a vibrant city with 5,000 years of history & culture, is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world & Africa. Cairo is, of course, most famous thanks to the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

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Situated along the Nile river, Cairo has ancient origins, located in the vicinity of the Pharaonic city of Memphis. The city started to take its present form in 641 AD, when the Arab general Amr Ibn Al-Ase conquered Egypt for Islam and founded a new capital called Al-Fustat (the Tent). Tradition has it that when Al-Ase set off to conquer Alexandria, he saw two doves nesting in his tent. Not wanting to disturb them, Al-Ase left the tent, which became the site of the new city in what is now Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo).

In 969 the Tunisian Fatimid dynasty captured the city and founded a new capital, Al-Qahira (The Victorious) just north of Al-Fustat. Al-Qahira gave the city its English name, Cairo, but the locals still call it Masr. Confusingly enough, Masr is also the Arabic name of the entire country of Egypt.


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