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Welcome all!

I'm Muluken. I am native Ethiopian born and grew up in Addis Ababa.
I spent all my life in Addis Ababa except for the years 2000 an 2001 when I was in Mekelle University studying Accounting.

After graduation and working for few months as an Accountant, I didn't find it my type. As I am a social person, I wanted to study Tour Operation Management and become a tour guide. Yes, I joined the Catering and Tourism Training Institute of Ethiopia (the only Tourism College in the country back then) in 2001, and studied Tourism Operation Management for two years and graduated in March 2004 in Diploma with "Distinctions" ranking.

From then on I worked at two of the best tour operating companies in Addis Ababa as a tour operator and tour guide to all parts of Ethiopia until August 2009.

Since then, I have been enjoying organizing and leading interesting private small group and individual tours all over Ethiopia. I specialize in tailor made private tour in and around Addis Ababa focusing on food tours, cultural tours, local experiences, and day tours from Addis Ababa.

Few reasons I believe I would be your perfect guide in Addis Ababa and around are: -

I was born, and grew up in Addis Ababa
I know Addis Ababa very well and I love it
I enjoy visiting the local places of my city myself
It gives me such a fulfilling feeling to enrich people's life in organizing personalized tour experience which stays in their memory for long time

The professional education I got, and years of experience I learned a lot from made me to know what visitors would like to see and I know how to deliver it most satisfactorily
Above all handling a private tour starting from the first email, to leading those tours myself, and making my clients my family is one of the things I can do best

Contact me soon, and let's plan your best tour of Addis Ababa and around now!!

Testimonials about Muluken Girma

Catherine from Belgium

Profile image of tour guide Muluken  Girma

"I had an 18 hour layover between flights in Addis on a business trip, and decided that I'd use this as the opportunity to do some reconnaissance to confirm whether or not Ethiopia was somewhere that our family would like to visit in the future.

I absolutely loved the trip, which provided a fascinating and varied introduction to the country's landscape, nature and wildlife (particularly endemic species).

The highlight for me was Portuguese Bridge and the Jemma River gorge. The landscape is stunning, and using a local guide means that you get an excellent perspective on the wildlife. I am a keen birder, so was very excited to see Rupell's black winged cliff chat (whose distinctive call you'll hear reverberating through the gorge), sunbirds and two species of vulture - hooded vulture and lammergeier - as well as several other species.

We were also able to spend some time watching a family group of gelada baboon who - despite having fearsome canines, are vegetarian - who were digging for roots and bulbs.

Lunch was delicious - injera flat bread with a selection of stews, sauces and vegetables, eaten in the traditional style with hands and washed down with a cold Habesha beer. As I visited during Lent, the food was vegetarian, featuring lentils, cabbage and beetroot, so vegetarians could request this meat-free version outside of the fasting season.

Mulu speaks excellent English, and I found him friendly, well informed and very accommodating. When I indicated that I didn't want to attend a coffee ceremony because I have a food intolerance (and didn't want to risk offending my hosts by not drinking what they'd made for me), he was totally unfazed, and rearranged the schedule accordingly. He was happy to make unscheduled stops to explore things that I was interested in (including a lengthy stop by a stand of bushes alive with seed eating birds) and took me to a supermarket in Addis where I could buy local honey and tea to bring home with me. Most importantly, I never felt as though I was being rushed.

I would highly recommend this tour, and on this basis, I am confident that we will be back as a family to explore Ethiopia in the future."

Catherine from Belgium

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