I am a tour guide in Jaipur since 2005 having a very good knowledge about all over India specially in Dehli Agra and Jaipur and Rajasth

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I have done work with tour leader international and all international and domestic tourist as well.
I am a government approved tourist guide in Jaipur.
I also provides all kinds of tourist information and solutions. Myself is on Tripadvisor and viator.com also . I have very good experience to work with all of the world clients and travel agency and international tour leader. I am just a one step ahead from you .
Please try once .

Testimonials about Sanjay Kohli

Joseph V.

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Sanjay was an exceptional guide for our two day stay in Jaipur. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and really wanted to convey his love of Jaipur to us. He is quite soft-spoken and thoughtful --- exactly the kind of guide that we were looking for. He was very considerate and solicitous when my daughter fell ill and he tailored our sightseeing with her condition in mind. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sanjay to anybody visiting Jaipur.

Terry B.

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It was a pleasure having Sanjay as my guide. I found him to be quite knowledgeable. From the moment he met me at my hotel, I felt comfortable with him. He was able to adapt himself to my needs. On my next trip to India, I will be sure to retain his services again.

Booqify India Manager
Haider Ali  


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