Hi, this is your tour guide, who is not just a tour guide but a friend, escort and a travel companion. because personally I am fond of traveling.

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I am a graduate in Indian History from Agra University and have diploma in Russian language.

I started my career as a tour guide five years ago, when I was studying in college. My hobby of traveling made me a tour guide, which is really good for me because I just don't work as a tour guide but enjoy my work as well. I had to work in my 20s, because my father was a watch repairer, he had a shop in a very busy market of Agra which called Chipi Tola ,chipi means printing or dying. During the Mugal period clothes dying work was the backbone of this market, that's why this place is called Chipi Tola, now in this market you find electric items, or scrap shops , shops for Indian army goods.

So my father was trying hard to earn from his watch repairing shop, but his income was not sufficient for the house expenses, then I decided to make my hobby my career, since then I have been working as a tour guide. I always love to show my country from it's depth, not only monuments or historical buildings but I show local markets, streets, manufacturing factories, schools, religious places, residential areas.

I personally love to go to gym if my guests are interested in doing work out so they can even enjoy there work out in the gym with me, I love cycling, biking and running. I love all those things which helps me to be fit.

I can show you my country like no one can, so book me and let me make your trip unforgettable.