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Traveling is one of life’s great joys. It sets you free and it fills you with so many new feelings: you can have fun, experience new cultures, and learn much more at the same time.Rome is the perfect place for this union of sensations! My name is Maddalena, I am a licensed tour guide for Rome and Province, in love with art since birth. I studied Art History at the University of Rome and I am always focused on workshops, and classes about Art. I love to share the great emotions that this multi-faceted city can offer. Its history is so layered: it will be my pleasure to create a connection between the city, me and you, by using a special emotional language made out of art, folklore, great food. While touring through the centuries, we will find similarities and differences with your culture: this will enrich all of us with new knowledge and fun!


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Colosseum & Forum

Private Tour $ 209