I'm a professional tour guide in inle,Myanmar.I have been a tour guide scince 2011.I can do anytour ,such as bike,boat,treakking and culture tour.

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Travel Plan in Inle Region,Myanmar

Day 1

Inle is famous for it's unspoil lake,there are hundred of village,some are on the shore or some are middle of the lake.The people from the lake is called Innthe means son of the lake.They are decented from Tibet-Mongolian group.There are many things to see in the lake,the most attractive one is rowing fashion boat by one lag on the lake.In every villages, they have their own activities such as cigar making village, boat building village,gold and silver Smith and lotus weaving cottage. Lotus weaving is the only place to see how to make lotus fibers from it's steam The whole day needed to,visit for the,traveller.

Day 2

Anothe hilight place of inle is Inndain villge, which is located western bank of the main lake,at there thousands of stupas are can be seen,Which were founded in 11 century bu famous king from Bagan.

There are many thins to see in Inle region, For more exciting plan in Inle

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