Tour guide based in Windhoek. If you want to explore Namibia with a personal expert tour guide, I am your man.

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I am a self-proclaimed Global citizen who is very interested in language learning so I speak 7 languages and am currently self-learning 3 more to add to the collection and for the past 6 years I have been part of a global cultural organization "The Global Experience" which deals with intercultural exchange through exchange programs in schools all over the world, I have gone on to travel and meet people from different cultures and walks of life. I am a part time editor/producer of language learning videos for a YouTube channel based in Berlin called Easy Languages as part of my social activities and I am an avid photographer. I am also a facilitator for the exchange program at my former school with its partner school in Muenster, Germany. My hobbies involve a lot of traveling and on these journeys I love to write, to date over 100 songs, a few poems and 3 books based on my travels. I am very sporty and never miss the gym. I play football, skate, I roller blade and I love hiking. I am a very cheerful and optimistic person, I believe in a world united and my personal motto is "Exploration is expression of self".


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