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I am a private tour guide who is your best bet for adventure. I speak the three major Nigerian Languages and Mandarin (Native Chinese). It might be your first time visiting Nigeria (West Africa). I am here to happily be of good help and be a friend while you stay and tour with me. My tour concept is "explore, discover, have fun beyond visiting the special touristic spots." I can also give you original itinerary depending on your preferences and additionally happy to save your time or a lot of stress on hotel booking, transportation, and finding restaurant.
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Nigeria is incredibly rich in history, culture, gastronomy, art, and I’m sure you will want someone passionate about those subjects, with a perfect English to show you the best of what we have got.
I have always enjoyed taking tours myself and crafted the tours I offer with inspiration of the best experiences I think about the world. As a tourist guide I love offering captivating historical details, combined with original material and a lot of humour. I love offering private tours. They give me the opportunity to have a real connection with the guests. Talk about the subjects they care about, answer the question they had in mind when they chose any country in Africa as their vacation destination. Since then, as a private tour guide, I have crafted and still crafting excursions that would capture the imagination of travelers, while offering a lot of flexibility to accommodate their preferences.
I love birding watching, mountain climbing and walks. I try to teach my guests easiest ways to relate and win the heart of the locals. My tours include medical research tours, historical tours, adventure tours, wildlife safari tours, cultural exchange tours, pleasure and romance tours, city tours, nature tours, custom maid tours, and business tours.
From the moment you arrive until you walk into the departure lounge at one of the airports, you are my guest. I schedule your tour/travel to suit your needs (please keep in mind that all travel between cities should be done in daylight). New destinations can be daunting to a newcomer, i will be happy to accompany you as you shop, run errands, visit museums or just wander about the town.
Cost and Payment. Shorter visits, longer visits and group rates can all be negotiated.
1. Airport pick up (for foreigners)
2. Hotel reservation
3. Tour guide
4. Transportation
5. Tour planning/arrangement


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