Am a tour and travel guide in Uganda WITH KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL to handle tourists of all proffessions and from all walks of the world.

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My name  is Herbert, a Uganda male aged 44 years, am married with 4 sons, i live and work in my country Uganda as a proffesional driver guide. i have been in this industry for 9 years and have exhibited great love, interest and exposure to this job. i have handle a number of trips for both inbound and outbound tourism.

Tours of HERBERT

11 days mammal tour.

Gorilla tracking, chimpazee tracking, wildlife safaris,nature walks, boat

$ • $2519 per person (2 people traveling together and sharing a room) • $4246 ( 1 person traveling alone). Per person


                                   (THE PEARL/BEAUTY OF AFRICA)

Our 11-day trip brings you the highlights of Uganda: where the....

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