Welcome to the Holy Land of Israel. My mission is to make your pilgrimage or tour as comfortable, enjoyable, inspiring and safe as possible.

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Like most young people in Israel, I enlisted to the Israeli army soon after high school. I served 6 years until I retired and another 19 years with the reserves. Having a total experience of 25 years of roaming the Holy Land from North to South and East to West with map, not like our forefathers who went by foot and without a GPS. With this long experience, I pretty much know most of the interesting sites in Israel. After I retired from the army, I studied International Trade, Management, and Logistics. I worked for several multinational companies marketing their goods and services all around the globe, focusing on the Far East. During my 30-year long career, I was also employed by an international trading firm, Koor-trade International Ltd., and relocated to China for 6 years. I speak some basic Chinese. During my career in international marketing, I realized how little people outside of Israel, really know about the country and its people. Thus, I have decided to devote my time to introduce the Holy Land of Israel to visitors and Pilgrims. Several years back I diverted my efforts to my new career. I went back to school, studied computers at a technical college and tourism at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. During my 6-year mission in China I organized, voluntarily, weekly tours for the diplomatic corps and their families in the touring seasons. Currently, and again - voluntarily, I am heading a group of elderly retired people from my home town for bi-monthly tours in the Holy Land. Today I am a certified tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism. You can find my credentials here. I am not representing any tourism agency. I am a self-employed tour guide offering my services to individuals, families, and groups who visit the Holy Land. Having more than 25 years of experience in touring Israel, I am here to assist you, my customers, to meet your needs when planning and executing tours to the Holy Land. I will gladly provide you with the relevant advice on how to plan your tours and what are the visa requirements as well as other aspects of your visit. Aside from offering a variety of tours in Israel and additional services, I am also offering the establishment of contacts in, meetings with, and visits of local churches and messianic congregations, as well as contact people from all of the walks of life in the Israeli society. My hobbies are reading the Bible, the history of the Holy Land, traveling, trekking, and hiking. My favorite Historians are Josephus Flavius and Barbara Tuchman.

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