Historian and tour guide in Hungarian, English, Italian and Hebrew. Come and join me on a meaningful and thoughtful journey in Israel!

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European by birth, Jerusalemite by love, I grew up in Budapest, Hungary, and chose Israel as my home 20 years ago. From the moment I came to the Land, I’ve been pursuing my passion for the history of the Jewish people. I’ve been guiding for many years in Yad vaShem, the Holocaust memorial museum of Israel, and completed my PhD in Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Alongside my academic career I’ve decided to realize my interest in the fascinating history, culture and geography of the Land of Israel. As a tour guide I work with youth groups, families and individuals mainly from Central Europe and the Americas.

If you share my fields of interest, join me for a journey of hours or days, and let’s discover Israel together. If you’re looking for answers you might find them, but don’t be surprised if you’ll end up with additional questions along the way.

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