Visiting in the Holy land or Israel is not a regular tour like other countries. See Israel with gadiguide.

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Visiting in the Holy land or Israel is not a regular tour like other countries. You will meet probably your own heritage as a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim. Trying to understand what was and is the roll of this country and its own people in the history of mankind since biblical times until today.
I will do my best to meet your personal needs and itinerary. English speaking, excellent driving skills, and have the experience and expertise in different areas.
With me, you will not only visit the familiar places that will you will return home with better understanding and knowing the country, Israel has a beauty and sites that can take your breath away with their natural beauty or historical awe,

Tours of gadi- gadiguide

Masasda and The Dead Sea

Massada, Mud from the Dead Sea

$650 per tour

Masada, an ancient fortress at the summit of an isolated cliff, in the Judean Desert, was built by one of the most colorful people that ever walked the land of Israel: King Herod. King Herod was also the builder of The Second Temple and the city of Caesarea 2000....

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Jerusalem old and new

Tempel Mt. Mt. of Olives, Western Wall

$525 per tour

"Ten measures of beauty descended to the world - nine were taken by Jerusalem, And one by the rest of the world. There is no beauty like the beauty of Jerusalem." (Talmud, Kiddushin page 49 b). Jerusalem is home to so many secrets and surprises,....

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Old City Jerusalem

Private Tour $ 250