It is my philosophy that there is a piece of history lying beneath each stone. If you know how to tell the stone’s story, the participants will get

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The tours I guide are experience-oriented trips that are adapted to the specific needs of each group. I have extensive experience in guiding various groups. In order to provide a complete trip experience I use tools such as illustrations, songs and stories and it is my way to season everything with a bit of humour!
After travelling several months all over the world I realized the incredibleness of my home country and I decided to participate in a two-years guiding course that got me even more excited of guiding here in Israel. Right after my graduation from the course, I decided to discover Israel by foot and started my adventure into the Israel National Trail. It took me about two months to cross Israel from North to South and afterwards I was even surer about my desire to share my love for Israel with others.
Just as in the children’s book “Oh, the Places You'll Go!” by Dr. Seuss, I believe in the importance of the direct connection to nature in our lives. This is why I suggest everyone to get outdoors in order to experience the different aspects the beautiful country of Israel has to offer.
It is my philosophy that there is a piece of history lying beneath each stone. If you know how to tell the stone’s story, the participants will get the perfect tour experience.

Testimonials about Itamar Dvir

Vanessa Peters

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Itamar is a great guide and I will never forget this trip. He is super nice and friendly and is taking care of you. He has water, food, fruits and teach you how to survive in the desert. He even makes tee and coffee for you in the desert. Itamar is a pure empathic person with so much patience and will always give the best support you need. He knows everything about history, religions, people, culture, flora and fauna, geology, archaeology, minerals etc. Just ask him and he will give you an answer. The hikes are perfect, not too boring and not too challenging, just a lot of fun. I was afraid of heights but felt so secure that somehow Itamar made me hiking up and down without any fear.

Best trip ever

We went everywhere around Mitze Ramon, Machtech, Ben Gurion National Park, En Avdat, Animal Wall, Prisma, visist at a winery:).

Thank you so much and hope to see you soon for another great hike:)

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Old City Jerusalem

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