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Creativity, innovation and education have always been in my blood. I have always been less interested in being given the answers to questions and far more interested in finding the answers for myself!

As a guide, In addition to a degree in International History and Politics, I also hold a diploma from the Ministry of Tourism in Israel as a Licensed Tour Guide in Israel and have worked professionally as a consultant, trainer, guide and educator for many years – guiding many groups, families, business travelers, VIPs, student groups and political delegations.

Israel is an incredible country, complex and inspirational – though not without its struggles and challenges. It is these questions, issues and challenges that make Israel such an absorbing place to explore and a meaningful place to guide.

Understanding not only the rich history of the country, its culture, archaeology and its people but also the ideologies, narratives, dilemmas and questions that surround them are key to connecting with this unique place.
Each time that I guide I learn something new – through the eyes of those that I am travelling with.

I am married with two young daughters, Eliya and Lishan and live, together with my wife Eginsu, in Netanya on Israel’s coastal plain. For me, Israel is not just another country, but a unique place where the dreams and aspirations of my family intertwine with that of the land and its people.

Every tour is as meaningful for me as the first. I look forward to having the next powerful and inspirational experience with you!

Testimonials about Joel Meyer - Israel Tours Workshops and Seminars

Amanda Weinstein

Profile image of tour guide Joel Meyer - Israel Tours Workshops and Seminars

Well informed, passionate, and engaging are just a few words to describe one of the best tour guides I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you for making everything so fascinating and special!

Caroline Mescon

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Joel was such an incredible tour guide. He truly cares about the group and puts his heart and soul into everything that he does. I've never met a more passionate person who really loves what he does. I can't say enough good things about him. You\'d be crazy not to have him take you through Israel.

Deanna Kapel

Profile image of tour guide Joel Meyer - Israel Tours Workshops and Seminars

Joel's passion and breadth of knowledge is exemplified in how he interacts with tourists. Joel conveys historical information both with witty humor (such as by role-playing different characters) and facilitating thought provoking conversations. At the same time, Joel has the ability to express multiple viewpoints and remain neutral to different viewpoints expressed. No words can adequately describe just how amazing Joel made our trip. Joel, thank you for making our trip to Israel phenomenal. The trip couldn't have been the same without you!

Booqify Israel Manager
Menno de Vries  

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