Shalom. I have a passion for Archaeology, History and Food and am excited to show people around the Land of Israel.

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When my brother turned 13 and had his Bar Mitzvah he got a subscription to Playboy Magazine. When I turned 13 I got a subscription to Biblical Archaeology Review.

Shalom! My name is Lorne Newman and I am originally from New York City. I fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to Israel in 2012. As an archaeology major in University I had the opportunity to excavate at a few digs in Israel in the past and continue to do so to this day. I am passionate about the history and beauty of this country.

Some guides consider themselves 'part-time stand up comedian'. For 13 years I was a full-time stand up comedian performing shows in 33 States in the US in more than 110 towns and cities in addition to events in Canada and England. I bring up my stand up career not because I want to be the funniest guide but because I know how to communicate with people and listen to what they are interested in.

My attitude towards clients is as it was in my former career. You are paying good money and deserve the best value. I am flexible with my itineraries so if say you don't want to go to a museum today then let's change the program and visit a winery instead!

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Bein Harim Tourism of Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Review of: Day Tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Lorne Neuman provided an insightful and interesting trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. He provided biblical, scientific and archeological aspects during the tour and tirelessly provided the best tour guide experience that I have experienced. I have been on numerous European tours that that could not come near to the quality of this tour. We visited the key sights in both cities. Lorne brought us to a great lunch in Bethlehem and only recommended shopping sights that were recommended by the Tourist Bureau. Bein Harim tours and Lorne Neuman should be commended for their excellent tours. Lorne Neuman is the most experienced guides I have come across.

S. Dowagle

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Masada / Dead Sea tour
Both Masada and the Dead Sea are must see. Lorne, our tour guide, really brought Masada to life. He’s such a good storyteller.

I have found that the tour guide can make or break a visit to a historical site. Lorne definitely made this magnificient setting even more memorable.

Ivan Z.

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Lorne Newman
This gentleman is the best tourguide I have ever had, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work Bein Harim is lucky to have him

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Jerusalem 4 Quarters Tour

Extensive tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

$ 500 Per tour

The 4 Quarters Tour offers the chance to visit places within the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem (and a couple of sites just outside). Although we will be visiting Christian places, this is not guided as a religious tour but one for those with a flavor for History,....

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Old City Jerusalem

Private Tour $ 275