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Specialized in Biblical/Classical Archaeology Art and Architecture.
History of the Land of Israel : Pre history, Biblical Periods, Roman and Byzantine, Arab & Crusader Periods up to our present day.

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Testimonials about Nico the Guide

Avani A.

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We had a lovely time in Israel, thanks to Nico !
We were in israel from the 5th April to the 12th April and we hired Nico's services as our tour guide cum driver for all six days that we were there.
He was knowledgeable and honest. His knowledge was expansive and he came fully prepared everyday to answer all our questions. When we asked him questions outside of his area of expertise, and if he didn't know, he candidly admitted. We really appreciated his honesty.
He was also very helpful. We had asked him to buy local SIM cards for us in advance before we arrived and he obliged in spite of his busy schedule. He also made sure we did not get conned while hiring a taxi or buying anything. Courteous, helpful, considerate and a thorough professional, that's how i would describe him.
We carried back fond memories of Israel, as he made it such an enjoyable experience for us.

Alexandra Z.

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Our trip to Israel was about a year ago. I was with my granny, who is extremely curious and always ready to explore the new adventures, however, then she was 82 y.o. Thus, it was a problem to find an appropriate way to see the vital sights. For our great luck, I had Nico's phone number, given to me by a friend with an amazing reference.
Nico made the time, spent in Israel, one of the most memorable trip in our lives! He was very kind and careful to my granny and me, took us to the hidden amazing and charming places all around the country (we had spent a few days with Nico), gave us a chance to understand the deepest nature of Jerusalem and to feel the proper atmosphere of the Sea of Galilee and the desert. Apart from everything mentioned, Nico owned a very safisticated knowledge about the country, it's history and architecture, mainly because Nico is a professional archeologist.
Thank you, Nico, very much for that unforgettable experience, that we had!

Gabriel A.

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Before last Christmas we went to visit holly land: Jerusalem old city, Galilee sea, Dead sea/Qumran, Jordan river, Bethlehem, and Cesareea. My wife and I traveled with my teen daughter and my elder mum.

Nico accepted to guide us in both English and Romanian, and take us with his car (large enough to accommodate 4 of us) in three different days. Very punctual, he was very flexible in scheduling the places as per our mood. His English and Romanian are very good.

He transcend the regular guide work. With encyclopedic archaeological knowledge, he gave us lots of insights and details about visited places, with connections between events, and put in context the events occurred on holly land (eg workshop making mosaic fresco similar to Madaba mosaic). He moves elegantly from history (eg Roman main streets) to spirituality (eg Jesus sacrifice and tomb) and back to today life.

His passion for archaeology was visible, and dialogue and explanations flew naturally enriching us with great experiences. He also recommended other places to visit such as Haifa (B'hai Gardens) and Jaffa - great experiences I recommend.

His counterpart in Bethlehem took care of us from the border, guided us, provided transportation (clean and safe), and indicated safe restaurants.

We will come back to visit with Nico other places around old city of Jerusalem.

Booqify Israel Manager
Menno de Vries  

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Old City Jerusalem

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