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My name is Oded Yavin, a licensed tour guide.

Beyond my title I’m also an experienced traveler in Israel and other countries with a great love for people, nature and my country – for all its nuances and complexities.

I come from a diverse background: An Israeli tour guide, IDF captain, BA in political science and MA graduate in business administration, a musician and an ethnic cuisine cook of Jewish and other ethnicities from all over the world.

Through these aspects I gained knowledge of a variety of beliefs and ideas held by various peoples and groups from around the world and in particular spanning the many sectors and groups leaving in Israel, of the different aspects of the Israeli history and geography and also of the variety of views within these different cultures.

I invite you to come and journey with me, to get to know through me the real Israel, in the paths that fits you!

My vast experience and eclectic knowledge allows me to tailor make the perfect plan for your dream trip to Israel in a variety of themes to fit your interest.

The itinerary can combine different themes and areas of Israel – from urban walks in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to in depth tours of the green Galilee, the southern deserts or the Dead Sea. Your preferences will allow us to generate a unique experience just for you – weather combining all these areas with visits to the holy sites of all three religions or to have a real outdoor experience!

A tailor made trip will allow you to make the best of your stay in Israel and we can adept our plans based on the number of days you’ll have to experience my lovely country. That way, you will have a perfect experience with great service and personal attention.

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Old City Jerusalem

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