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Since 1997, after finishing the official two years long course of tour guiding, Reuven Reggev, acts as a tour guide for Israelis and English speaking tourists - individuals, families and Jewish, Christian and Moslem groups. He also conducts tours for official guests of the state of Israel and guests of private firms.
Reuven is authorized by the Ministry of Tourism to guide tourists with disabilities and special needs.
Thanks to a strong rapport with people, Reuven enjoys excellent relations with his clients many recommending him to visiting relatives and friends.

The tours are "tailor maid", adjusted to the needs and interests of the clients. The tours can be conducted in an air-conditioned car, specially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, city-walking tours, 4x4 wheel car tours, and desert, or other, nature-hiking trips.
Among the aspects covered during the tours are: Geography, History, Archaeology, Religions, Traditions, Geomorphology, Architecture, Art and National Security.
Reuven's tours cover the whole of Israel, and especially Jerusalem, 7 days a week. He also helps his customers organize their tour in accordance with their requests and needs, e.g. choosing accommodation, and trips to Petra in Jordan.
Reuven Reggev was born in Israel 1950, he is married and father to three daughters. He lives in Jerusalem. After his release from the IDF, where he served in a paratrooper's intelligence unit, he studied in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the first and second degrees.
For 23 years, Reuven served as commander to various Intelligence units of the Israeli Police force and later worked as consultant to intelligence units of several security and law enforcement organizations all over the globe.

Testimonials about Reuven Reggev

Joan and Abe LeMole

Profile image of tour guide  Reuven Reggev

Dear Reuven,
As we pack to leave, I want to thank you for everything once again. Thank you for being such a great friend and guide… Another huge thanks for a great time in Israel. Abraham and I really enjoyed ourselves. He states that he would like to return to Israel, "but only if we have Reuven with us"
Joan and Abe LeMole, Dec. 5, 2015…..Jan. 18, 2016

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Menno de Vries  

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