About Peter... Peter Kiyaa a pioneer in community conservation and tourism in Kenya. Born and brought up in the Il-Ngwesi Group Ranch..

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About Peter...

Peter Kiyaa, a pioneer in community conservation and tourism in Kenya. Born and brought up on the Il-Ngwesi Group Ranch in Northern Kenya, Peter’s childhood was intertwined with the wildlife that roamed my homeland leading to a lifelong desire to conserve Kenya’s heritage.

During education  at Kenya Utalii College, was awarded the UTC Trophy as the student with the most outstanding professional qualities of the year and while undertaking his professional qualifications he was awarded the Johnson Wax award as the best student in Environmental Studies.

Peter was the long-time chair of the Il-Ngwesi Community Conservation Trust – a world renowned community wildlife conservation trust and remains an elder of the Council of Elders of the Northern Rangelands Trust. He is a Gold Level member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (one of only 22 Gold qualified members in Kenya), has lectured at McGill University and given talks to the National Geographic Society, the WWF and members of the European Union on community conservation and tourism. Peter has also personally trained game wardens of the Tanzania National Parks Service.

Peter’s knowledge of the African bush, his passion for its birds and wildlife and his connection to the local Maasai culture is unparalleled. Come and share his enthusiasm and let us take you on a journey through our wilderness, wildlife, conservation techniques and Maasai communities that are as old as continent itself.


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