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My name is EDEM KWAWU born ans raise in GHANA WEST AFRICA in Accra the Capital. I am graduate with the honor of Civil Engineering. I am a very sunny and open person. My heart is filled with love and affection. My close people say that I am a cheerful and bright Guy. I always try to share my good mood with other people. I like to smile. I believe that a sincere smile is the most confident and attractive quality that someone can try on. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile coming from the heart. I appreciate sincere people. I love to give surprises and I think that attention and awe are a key to a happy Volunteering. There are so many beautiful things in our world, but I want to share all these feelings and emotions with the world. Life in motion! It's my credo, because I am a person, who prefers to live now and here and really love every day of my life! My friends and people, who know me well say, that I am respectful, loyal and cheerful with a big heart. I care about feelings of other people. Life is just one, so I try to use every chance for the creation of my happiness and enjoy of every day. There are some aspects, which are very important for me and bring me a real satisfaction! Currently with a newly form organization called Sight On Site Ghana, which we are into Tourism and Volunteering (Voluntourism). In as much as Tourism is to have fun we added Volunteering to make a positive impact to the society as lives are touch positively. We believe Love is the only thing we need to make the world a better place. Our passionate and committed top-notch industry expert and professional team works meticulously to not just meet, but exceed all needs, wants, expectations and demands of even the most extremely sophisticated customers throughout the customer journey activities and experiences! Ghana is a country that has an internationally acclaimed excellent reputation and goodwill of social, cultural, democratic and political stability. With peace, safety, security and tranquility, you will experience the astonishing hospitality of the friendly and courteous people of Ghana and as well as the impeccable customer courtesies and comfort offered by our professional, passionate, committed, dynamic and proactive team.

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Independence Square, Jamestown, Ussher Fort

Accra is the Capital of GHANA and it has a very high Historical places which i usually take my guest to i can say for a fact that amazing place.

first of all we kick start at the Independence Square where Freedom was declare,....

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