A certified tour guide in English and French, I am passionate about uncovering Israel from the holiness of Jerusalem to the modernity of Tel Aviv

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I was born in Israel to French/Belgian mother and American father but lived most of my life abroad (Belgium, Canada, UK and France) before returning to Israel with my family several years ago.  From being a banking lawyer in the City of London, I decided to change careers entirely - go back to school and become a tour guide. I can now combine my passion for this incredibly unique country with my love of teaching and entertaining (several years of drama behind me!).  This small country has everything to offer - both a diverse landscape and breathtaking beauty from the deserts of the Judea and Negev to the green slopes of the Gallil and the Golan. There's something for everyone - history, archeology, religion.. but also an incredible unique story about an ancient people dispersed around the globe for 2000 years who came together to rebuild a new modern state on its ancient ancestral land.

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Dan O (San Francisco, USA) , Jan 2023

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Nadia is of the highest caliber.
Professional, passionate, and loquacious, Nadia delivers a world class tour of Jerusalem. Nadia will captivate you from start to finish. She never fails to set expectations, so you’re aware of what’s around the corner. Having done a few of these in the Middle East, I particularly appreciate the manner in which she minimizes politics through presentation of both sides of the religious coin. Highly recommend this tour. Bravo, Nadia!
Jan 2023

The Cooper Family London

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Don’t look elsewhere - this is THE guide
Review of Nadia Samakh Tour Guide
Reviewed 17 September 2022 via mobile

We did a private tour of Jerusalem. I was with my partner who had never been to Israel and I, as a frequent visitor, was expecting yet another tour of the Old City with the presumption that I’d “heard it all before”. How wrong I was. Not only did Nadia provide a newcomer with with a brilliant well-rounded guide of the entire history of the city, but she also enlightened me to so many new experiences and historical stories. At end of the day it dawned upon me that I’d had tours in the past that provided me with a patchy and sometimes biased tour. Nadia is such a professional. She pitches her tour perfectly to suit the attendees and seems to sense when you might need a coffee or little break. She has encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Jerusalem but delivers it in a humble and concise way with a good dose of humour too. The day passed all too quickly and was beautifully planned.

After such a great experience in Jerusalem we then embarked on a cycling tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. This gave a great overview of the city and provided a modern historical context of Israel, a good compliment to the ancient history tour of Jerusalem. Nadia conducted the tour safely and with professionalism. Her nuggets of local knowledge about where to eat and what to do for fun were invaluable too. It was a well rounded tour and we enjoyed the architectural content too.

Nadia is a brilliant guide. She tells the story of Israel in a balanced way. She keeps things interesting and is sensitive to her audience. The day flows well and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to my friends and family and anyone visiting Israel.

Date of experience: September 2022

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Menno de Vries  

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Old City Jerusalem

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