Waiting for you for hiking, walking, nature and site connection in northern Apennines and the Ligurian east coast.

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Hi everybody,

here is Filippo. Wanting to walk, hike, sightsee, enjoy nature and be connected to the environment around you ? I may be your guide in the Cinque Terre, Ligurian east coast and the northern Apennine range, in Italy.

Please, find at the end my professional qualifications.

My work places are a diverse area, but with a common past background. From the Mediterranean sea coast to almost Alpine environments; from overcrowded tourist spots, to almost neglected places full of emotional feelings. What is not in these short presentation pages does also exist however. Contact me if you come, or prior to coming, to build your experience together.

Contacting tourists from the world is exciting and enriching. So, it will primarily be my pleasure to have you with me.  We will be immersed in the great scenery of our places, the real subjects that could make your stay memorable. And so, I will discretely try to be a link between you and what is around you, to make you feel a part of it and start an intimate conversation.

I shaped myself during a life long experience of hiking and exploring places. And, getting in contact with the inside of places and people. Maybe, my background in agriculture, plant science, land and local food resources helped me. But, why to keep all this for myself and not share with others ? So, come, and try together to acknowledge  the places and people that will host us.

I live now between Cesena, a city close to the Adriatic sea shore, and Manarola, in the hearth of Cinque Terre. I am still busy with my main academic job, so consider that in periods October-December and February-May, my availability could be limited to extended week ends.

Filippo D'Antuono

Licensed hiking guide

Nature and Forest therapy certified guide

Licensed tour leader

Nordic walking and fit walking instructor

E-bike tour facilitator

Personal coach


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