With 10years experience in tour guiding in Ghana, my priority is give my guests the best experience ever by enjoying Ghana to the fullest

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A professional tour guide with 10years experience working as a freelancer and with the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. I specialize in historical tours with particular reference to the the Slave Castles and Forts along the shores of Ghana. Experience the dungeons in which millions of Africans were kept before being shipped to the New World in shackles. A walk through the Door of no Returnthe exit through which the Africans were forced into the slave ships. A traditional priest pours libation in honour of the ancestors and to welcome visitors to the motherland.

Tours of Kojo Keelson

A walking tour of Cape Coast

The Cape Coast Slave Castle, Fort William, the military shrines, the London

$ 50 Per person

The tour start at the Cape Coast Castle at 9.00am with a guided tour of the place. The walking tour begins at 11.30am and and ends 1.00pm


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