Hello, I'm Yoela. If you want me to introduce you to the riddle called "Jerusalem", come and join me. It would be my pleasure 🙂

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Hello dear and welcome to Israel!

A very clever 8-year-old girl asked me recently, whether it wasn't boring for me to have to tell to the tourists the same things again and again, but then, she immediately answered her question by herself and said: "Actually, it can't be boring, since everyone is asking you different questions" - and that's exactly how it is!

Born in Switzerland, I have been living in Israel since 1982 and I'm still overwhelmed by the beauty and the unique history of this country. I work as a librarian at the National Library of Israel and I have the joy, to be also a tour guide which is to me something very special!

Many places raise questions and that's what ultimately brings us further in our perpetual learning process.

Looking forward to your questions..

See you hopefully very soon 🙂




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Old City Jerusalem

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