Join me as I share my passion for Israel its history & cultures, and my expertise in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, biblical archaeology, geopolitics, & more!


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Welcome to Israel!

A journey in Israel is a feast for the senses, whether you are roaming the urban streets and markets, visiting the holy sites and spaces, or exploring the beautiful landscapes. Yet Israel is also a complex place that sometimes needs unraveling, new insights, and context, which I bring into each tour as a professional guide and facilitator.

I immigrated to Israel from Canada, with a background in informal education and corporate training, a BA in History and an M.Ed. in Adult Education. After years in hi-tech, I realized my dream to become a licensed guide in 2014.

Some of my areas of expertise include modern Israeli history, biblical sites and landscapes, geopolitics, and diversity in Israeli society. I'm equally comfortable leading you through the alleys of Jerusalem's Old City or on a desert  hike, wandering Tel Aviv's markets or cycling through vineyards.

For added fun, we can visit cottage industries offering workshops, food, wine, and more, to engage with other locals and see how diffierent Israelis live and think.

I also offer virtual tours, weaving different themes throughout multiple sites and centuries - the advantage of instant travel! Contact me for details.

Your private tour with me is fully customize according to your interests, pace, and travel preferences.

Join me for your amazing visit to Israel!


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Old City Jerusalem

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