Welcome to Gambia lacal and tranditional adventures tours and excursions. (Welkom bij Gambia lacal en traditionele avontuurlijke reizen en excursies)

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We runs a wide range of tour and excursions within the Gambia and it neighboring countries, showcasing the African true deep-rooted cultures and traditions as a way of life in there Origins. We also adventure real nature and what its offers in a broader aspect, following the foot prints of ancestors in different localities. With us you are at the right choice to discover the real new world of true cultures and traditions. We revile what is hidden and share the actual feelings and beauty of Africa.

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Great experience
A super professional and fun team. We had a great time, they care about customer satisfaction, they are honest and well organized. I highly recommend trips with them. Thank you for the time spent with you and showing us how beautiful Gambia is and how friendly people are.

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