Having been a Journalist, an Archeologist an a Chef in Israel I invite you to tour Israel with me and get a surprising view of this land and people.


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In hindsight it's quite obvious, but when working as a journalist, an archeologist and a chef in Israel I did not quite realize that these stages in life were just setting me up to become a tour guide. Now that i went back to school and finished the Israeli Tour Guide course it all makes sense though.

I was born on a small Kibbutz in the desert and as a small boy experienced first hand this unique socialized way of life. Everything was shared, even the upbringing of the children. We as kids lived together day and night,

The family then moved to the Netherlands, but Israel always kept appealing to me. As a young journalist I came to work here and witnessed first hand the tragic of the conflict here, but I also learned about the beauty of the people and the cultures behind the conflict.

Then I went on to work in Archeology, and learned about the many layers of ancient history that are being revealed in this land to this very day.

After having lived in the desert and in Jerusalem I made the ancient port town of Jaffa my home and took one final detour: I went on to be a pizza maker and I became part of the vibrant food scene in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, specializing in vegan cooking.

As a tour guide I do my best to bring all my past experiences together. I invite you tour Israel with me and get a vivid perspective of this fascinating land and its people.

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