Join me on a mind blowing journey through time, ideas, ancient ruins and places of worship- all the tragedies and triumphs of the human spirit!

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What makes this land so special? Why has it been fought over countless times by great empires, and why is it still in the news all over the world, almost every day? What is it that pilgrims, tourists and backpackers continue to seek here?

What makes this land so special to so many people is, in my opinion, it’s unique position as a point of contact, an interface between diverse elements. The Holy Land is where Europe, Asia and Africa; Judaism, Christianity and Islam all meet. In a broader sense,this land is also where East meets West, with all the geographical, religious, spiritual and political implications. The diversity we find here can be beautiful, but it is also, unfortunately, one of the root causes of the terrible conflict that has plauged this Land from time immemorial.

I come from a background almost as beautiful and diverse as the Holy Land itself. My family and upbringing are comprised of Jewish, Christian, free-thinking and hippie elements. I’ve studied the three great monotheistic religions to whom this land is sacred extensively, as well as the modern, scientific approaches. I’ve also taken an interest in the ancient pagan mythology that plays a role in the history of the region.

Great human and spiritual aspirations are the material from which the story of this land, so deeply interwoven with the story of the entire human race, is made. The beauty, magnitude and sometimes irony of those aspirations is what I try to share while guiding.

Looking forward to sharing them with you, too!

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