Judaean Mountains, Israel

Mountains of Jerusalem

By Noam Ziv, independent tour guide in Israel

Millions of tourists seem to visit Jerusalem every year.

Most tourists spend one or two days in Jerusalem, following their 6 or 7 days itinerary to Israel.
Vast majority of the tourist population does not even consider the possibility of taking some time out for hiking through the Jerusalem mountain national parks and forests.
So, my recommendation to you, nature lovers, is to make some time and get it done, easily.

Let’s assume you’re In Jerusalem hotel and got half a day off.
The only gear I would recommend is hiking or sports shoes, heat and at least 3 liters of water during summertime.
I would also get hiking trail map of the desired part.

In order to get there, I would take either taxi or bus to one of the hiking hubs within the mountains at western area and go for a relaxing walk.

You will find large number of well-marked hiking trails, including part of the famous Israel National Trail (INT).

In the following short video, you can review the landscape and get an idea about this kind of activity.
Hope you’ll enjoy it!



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