Kampala, Uganda

Uganda as the Pearl of Africa

By Dorah, independent tour guide in Uganda

Many countries have existed and still existing but Uganda remains the Pearl of africa.cultural beliefs have been mantained and people are happy regardless of their differences.many people in Uganda are poor but use the little they have to fulfill their needs and wants and still stay happy, people also give birth to many children and for some cultures, the more you have many children the more respectful you become and to men having many wives is a sign of wealth in the family. it is enjoying to know and see the cultural settings in Uganda


About Dorah, professional tour guide in UgandaProfile image of tour guide Dorah
My name is nandawula Dorothy a tour guide from Uganda and it is not only a business to me but something I feel happy doing and providing the best to my clients makes my life complete.it is my pleasure to join this platform and ready to serve to the clients expectations and beyond because Uganda has it all. From the city to deep down in the villages where we find different and amazing cultures, food and beliefs.  It is so exciting.
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