With us you will be sure to be guided by a passionate, knowledgeable and officially licensed tour guide.

Booqify is a network of independent professional tour guides. Most of us are immigrants who live here for many years and certainly understand the local culture but also know how to provide clients a pleasurable, entertaining and unforgettable experience according to their standards and needs.
We know that these qualifications are especially attractive for foreigners from abroad and also for those living in Israel.

If you book a private tour via Booqify.com your guide will contact you after your booking to discuss the itinerary you want and give you suggestions and advice. Please feel free to ask him or her any other information about your visit to Israel.


Some more reasons you should travel with us:

  • Direct link with professional tour guides, meaning lower prices and less overhead;
  • Assisting in planning your tour;
  • Receive, in advance, your customized itinerary by email;
  • Happy customers, feel free to read the reviews on Facebook or Tripadvisor;
  • No stress.

Our job is to give you an unforgettable experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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Featured guides:

Eva Grunhut
Originally from Hungary, Eva encourages her tourists to have conversations with local people, and to be open to absorb the complexities of this vibrant and history rich country.


Agustina Efrat
Originally from Argentina, Efrat’s goal is to give her tourists the opportunity to find their own connection to this land.


Patrick Meyerfeld
Originally from France, Patrick is eager for you to discover how rich and diverse the history and present day culture of Israel is.


Ronni Ishaky
Originally from Canada. Ronni has been a professional travel guide since 2003. She started her guiding career in Canada and migrated her work to Israel during the ‘winter’ months – that is, if you can call Israeli winters really ‘winter’. So in fact, she works in both countries. I like the diversity and if you like diversity in ideas and people, than I maybe the guide for you.


Patric Cohn
Originally from Belgium, Patrick has a passion for archaeology, history, religions, Zionism, nature and geology. He likes and encourages interactions between locals and you.