Testimonials By Itamar Keidan

Elisabetta De Nardo

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Highly recommended!
Top guide, we had a private tour for 2 (couple from Italy and Germany). Itamar is not only knowledgeable about Jerusalem: he also has a very good education on history, religions (all), traditions, and understanding of the world and life in its multifaceted ways/aspects.


Reto Conconi

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Unforgettable Journey: Itamar's Expertise and Knowledge Make All the Difference!
Itamar, our tour guide in Israel, provided an unforgettable experience for our group of 35 students. His vast knowledge, storytelling, and charismatic personality made the trip exceptional. From exploring historical landmarks like Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Masada, to discovering hidden gems like the waterfalls in En Gedi, Itamar ensured an engaging and flawlessly organized tour. He even accommodated our group's request for an extra-curricular trip to the Dead Sea on our free days. I highly recommend Itamar for an enriching and thoroughly enjoyable visit to Israel.


Francisco Fernandes

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Itamar was an amazing guide, the trip from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem passed in minutes since he had prepared a great lesson about the history of Israel (even with sides to see the different map evolutions). This was key to get context for the entire day, as we were often able to understand details from the earlier provided context. 10/10 would recommend.

Date of experience: May 2023


Cynda Grabel

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Itamar is an extremely knowledgeable guide and an excellent teacher. He knows so much about history, culture, architecture, flora and fauna and even where to get the most delicious local food.
I liked how he often presented the “big picture “: Why was this chosen as the port city?, etc, before giving us the details.
It was wonderful being able to ask him anything I didn’t understand or remember and get a totally nonjudgmental reply.
He was a very careful driver so we always felt safe.
When we arrived at very crowded sites he would start us in an un crowded area and explain something about the site and then maneuver us back once the large groups were gone.
We could not have seen half of what we did on our own in the same amount of time. He worked very hard and made our travels much easier.
Thank you, Itamar! Well done!


Susan Jacobs

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I highly recommend this tour. I just finished an incredible day with our small group. Our tour guide Itamar was amazing and very knowledgeable. The tour moved at a good pace but enough time was spent at each place. Jerusalem old city is breathtaking and this tour does a great job of making sure you see all the key sites. Itamar took great care of us and the place we stopped for lunch was really good.


Jean D

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Great day out
Review of Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv

We set out at a reasonable time from Tel Aviv and Itamar our guide was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. The tour covered the most important things in Jerusalem. The small group made it more enjoyable and easier to follow.
I would definitely recommend the boutique tour.

Date of experience: January 2023

Angelika from Poland

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I can't imagine visiting Jerusalem without a guide and Itamar was great in his role! We really appreciated his professional, balanced and objective attitude. We were able to stay focused on all the stories, and it can mean only one thing - that they were said in an interesting way. Great transport (fun driver who even got us special baklava for my birthday), great communication before the trip, we saw a lot of historical sites, and got answers to all the questions. I strongly recommend this tour!


Krisropher Curtis

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What an amazing experience! Spending an entire day in Jerusalem was definitely the right decision. We were able to expletive so much more this way. Our guide (Itamir) was fantastic and had a lot to share throughout the tour. I would definitely book additional tours with this company!


Todd Prescott

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Stunning Experience.
Review of: Jerusalem Boutique Tour from Tel Aviv
My wife and I are both enthusiasts of history and, for us, Israel was an experience that we were eagerly anticipating. Of the many places we visited on our trip, I can say that without question our trip to Jerusalem was the greatest part. Sites such as Mount of Olives, the Holy Sepulchre and the Temple Mount (among others) hold a special significance for so many people and, for us, seeing this significance manifest in real time was incredibly moving and educational. Our guide, Itamar, was incredibly knowledgable, engaging and personable. He showed us the many layers of this city (physical and historical) and took great care to show not only the famous sites, but the intricacies and history behind even lesser-known items such as a seemingly-misplaced ladder. I'll add photographs once I get a moment to sort through them. We could have not asked for a better guide and an better experience. Highly recommend!


Michael Solgonick

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Great Informative Tour!
Itamar was a fantastic tour guide! He was well educated in and explained the different aspects of Old Jerusalem extremely well!


Tatjana Bollinger

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Wir wurden sehr pünktlich abgeholt. Die gesamte Tour war hervorragend organisiert. Vorallem kam uns der späte Beginn (9.00 Uhr) entgegen. Unser Guide Itamar konnte uns viel geschichtlich wissenswertes berichten. Man merkte ihm die Begeisterung für Jerusalem an. Er ging äußerst sensibel mit den verschiedenen Religionen um und kümmerte sich um jeden Einzelnen auf der Tour. Alles in allem kann man diese Tour nur wärmstens empfehlen.


Ulli Zigrahn

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Sehr besondere Tour durch Jerusalem in einer kleinen Gruppe. Itamar hat uns diese einzigartige Stadt mit ausführlichen Erzählungen und sehr viel Wissen nahe gebracht. Die einzelnen Religionen, Moscheen, Kirchen ... und vor allem der Leidensweg Jesus - man konnte es richtig nachspüren. Wie gesagt: einzigartig und SEHR zu empfehlen!!!

"Great tour with Guide Itamar"
Very special tour of Jerusalem in a small group. Itamar brought us closer to this unique city with extensive stories and a lot of knowledge. The individual religions, mosques, churches ... and above all the suffering of Jesus - you could really feel it. As I said: unique and very recommendable!


Vitor Nunes

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The best tour I had in Israel!
This tour was great on every detail. Small group, amazing van, perfect choice of the sights, time for a relaxed lunch,and an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide. Itamar made all the difference and I would love to take more tours with him! I took many tours with different companies in Israel and all of them, except this one,followed the same pattern of big groups, guides in a hurry, and a lot of time spent on collecting the tourists before the tour. I usually don't write reviews, but the internet needs to know about this tour!


Nikolay Levchenko

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Great day trip from Tel Aviv. Quick and not too early of a pick up, great day in Jerusalem with all the main sites, great info and (not unimportant) good lunch spot. Our guide (Itamar) answered all our questions and knew what he was talking about. Overall, great experience, highly recommended!!!


Sarah Jones

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Great mix of history, archaeology, religion and politics. Our guide Itamar, blended his considerable knowledge of the Old City as the sum of many parts: cultures and traditions living cheek by jowl in this incredible setting. Unlike other tours, we first looked across the valley towards Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives and walked down visiting churches and sites on the way. We then ascended to the Dome of the Rock, saw the Tomb of King David, room of the Last Supper, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall taking a peak at less visited nooks and crannies. If you want to do justice to Jerusalem rather than skim the superficial tourist surface, this tour is for you. A very friendly education and guaranteed enlightenment whatever your religion or none!


Mario Brnardic

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This tour was absolutely perfect. Our hotel was a bit further from the pick up point, so they organised a taxi for us to take us to the pick up point, and paid for it. Fantastic service! Booking a tour that focuses on Jerusalem only was a very good decision, and I would recommend it to anyone, because there is so much to see in that great city that any other tour that packs too many things in one day would not be sufficient. So take that into consideration.

The bus was comfortable with the AC, charging points, and the driver was kind enough to provide wifi. Itamar was our guide, and he did a fantastic job! Answered all the questions we had, and explained everything with great knowledge and enthusiasm. This tour made our stay in Israel very special, so thank you!


Julia Günther

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Really really really well done!!!!!

Great tour with a very competent guide. We learned a lot about Jerusalem, Israel and the three major religions.

This tour was very exciting, informative, interesting and fun!

Special thanks to the amazing guide Itamar for making this tour so unique.



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Took this tour in Nov 2019 (family of 3). They mentioned that they had only been in business for about 6 months but you could not tell from the tour. The driver was great (very safe and professional). The tour guide was one of the best we had. He said call him "ET" if we could not say his first name. He was very knowledgeable and kept things moving. The pure number of things we saw / experienced was amazing. This was a very well planned and executed tour by a professional team. I would highly recommend!!!



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We were collected from our hotel and taken to a central point where we met Itamar who was our guide . The trip to Jerusalem was good despite the volume of traffic. Itamar started the tour on the Mount of Olives and was an exceptionally knowledgeable man . We visited the Garden of Gethsemane and then onto Temple Mount . The tour started about 9am and concluded about 6pm . As the groups are small in number it makes the trip very personal and special . Itamars English is excellent , a nice man and is a font of knowledge.


Christoph Guenther

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The day was perfectly organized and we were even send a taxi to pick us up without any surcharge, as our AirBnB was too far off the pick up route. Our tour guide Itamar has done a great job, as he was explaining in brilliant English and in a pleasant way. He had a lot to tell about the Isreali History on our way to Jerusalem and he found a good balance between explaining and just letting the people enjoy the scenery. The tour included for all the important places in Jerusalem and was done in a demanding tempo, which we really enjoyed. A nice restaurant on a roof top with great view and delicious falafel was where we spend our lunch break. The falafel was a bit costly but in the very centre of tourism thats not much of a surprise. We would recommend this tour to everyone. The tour is designed for around 20 people, so it does not get too crowded and you get the chance to hear everything your guide says.


Michel Carlo Nies

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This tour ticks pretty much every box for me. The length is a reasonable time and starting a bit later than other tours. The 9 am pick up means that you don’t get caught up in the morning rush hour traffic so much, so the effective start time of the tour in Jerusalem is similar to some of those that leave earlier.
The smaller group size is ideal.
I liked that they didn’t plan in endless time for souvenir shopping. Whoever wanted to do that was free to use the lunch break for that. Speaking of which, lunch wasn’t spectacular but good value for money and quick, which is not often the case on guided tours.
Itamar was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable. I think we saw about every important place in the old city.


Sofiv Rivera Torres

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This tour was a great balance between fun and fun facts. Itamar Keidan (our guide) was great! He speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and maybe some other language, so he was so helpful to have in any situation. I definitely recommend that anyone traveling ask for his group. Oleg (our driver) was also cautious and safe but fast to make it all over the country in one day. This is a great tour to take with the whole family or even solo as I did!


Rodney Johnston

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Our guide, Itamar Keidan, was knowledgable, organised and friendly with a good sense of humour. He told us interesting facts and stories about the places we visited and drove through and was able to answer our questions well. He made our day enjoyable and completely stress-free. We felt we've learned so much from him! We would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking for a great day trip to this fascinating region.


Maggie Hogan

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Our guide,Itamar Keidan,was excellent. He was informative and had a nice sense of humour. He looked after us so well. Very warm and kind and so patient even though our group was huge. He had this yellow umbrella which was a brilliant idea to keep us from getting lost. Our group was a fun one and we met some wonderful people. We had accommodation in Galilee so the company arranged for a taxi to transport us to the kibbutz. Itamar waited for our taxi to pick us up before the rest of the group left in the luxury coach. A good guide sure makes a tour memorable.


Kevin Connery

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I’ve travelled to many places over the last 35 years and this is without question one of the best tours I have ever taken. I had only one day to spend in Jerusalem so it was important for me to find a tour operator that would maximize the time getting to know and experience old Jerusalem, and not curio shopping or visiting museums. Itamar was our tour guide and was a wealth of knowledge and fully engaged. A great itinerary and a small group compared to the other options. Overall an excellent tour.


Sonya Han

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Our tour of Jerusalem was very memorable and well-organized. Our guide Itamar was very knowledgeable which made all the difference. All the sites were we visited were so special and I felt that this was a must-do tour for all visitors of Israel. It was a small group which was nice too.