Testimonials By Dr. Racheli Kreisberg

R and J from the Netherlands

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Dear Racheli,

From April 20 till May 4 2017 we spent a beautiful holiday in Israel, thanks to your excellent travel schedule.
We had some special wishes in relation to the history of Israel. On base of these wishes you organized a trip along all important archaeological and historical sites. On those sites you had taken care of recruiting the important and relevant experts who gave an exposé on the spot of all important developments of that site. We were impressed by the high level and dedication of all those people.
Further on you organized, on our request, all reservations in the various types of lodgings Israel offers.
From luxurious beach hotels to kibbutz, from boutique hotels till a lodging with a beautiful view on the Dead Sea.
Two weeks is too short to know all about Israel from a historical perspective, but your program covered the maximum which could be reached in such a short period.

Thank you, also on behalf of my wife.

R., The Netherlands