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Jerusalem 4 Quarters Tour

The 4 Quarters Tour offers the chance to visit places within the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem (and a couple of sites just outside). Although we will be visiting Christian places, this is not guided as a religious tour but one for those with a flavor for History, Architecture and Archaeology.

We start off at Jaffa Gate and discuss the history of the Walls of the Old City.

We will walk from here through the Christian Quarter to come to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This complex houses Calvary, the place of the Crucifixion and the Empty Tomb. In this extended tour, we will have the chance to visit some of the different chapels and try to answer some theological questions.

Our next stop is visiting a couple of Stations along the Via Dolorosa in the Muslim Quarter. We will have the chance to see some architecture from the Middle Ages, mainly the Crusades and later periods. It is from here we will reach:

The Jewish Quarter. Our first stop is the holiest place where Jews can pray: The Western Wall. Traditionally, people write down prayers on small pieces of paper and stick them between the cracks in the stones. After some private time, we will ascend for a great view of the Plaza before stopping for Lunch.

Afterwards we will visit some archaeological remains within the Quarter before stepping out through Zion Gate for our last stops of the day: The Room of the Last Supper and the Tomb of King David. It is only a short walk back to Jaffa Gate from here.

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Jerusalem 4 Quarters Tour





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