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Old Jaffa and early Tel Aviv

In this tour we walk through the old city of Jaffa, one of the oldest port cities in the world. It has been conquered and administered by many different peoples: Egyptians, Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, French (Napoleon), British and and now again by the Jews.

It was from Jaffa that Peter spread out his wings to the west to spread Christianity to the non believers and it was from Jaffa that the Jews, at the end of the 18th century, went to the North to start Jewish neighborhoods.

From Jaffa we walk, or use taxi (cost not included) to go to Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa and a prime example of gentrification. In 1909, after many more small neighborhoods were build, affluent Jews who arrived mainly from Eastern Europe, wanted some quality as well and decided to built a neighborhood with electricity, running water and a sewage system. The name of this neighborhood, Ahuzat Bayit, was changed to Tel Aviv the year after.

From Ahuzat Bayit we continue on Rothschild Boulevard, walking through the largest concentration of buildings in the International Style in the world which the UN awarded the Unesco Heritage status.

We finish at Sarona, an agricultural settlement founded in the second half of the 19th century by German Templars. Like more Germans in the 1930s, many started hang swastika flags out of their homes, which was not appreciated by both the British and the Jews and during WWII most were expelled to Australia. In 1948 Sarona became the headquarters of both the Israeli government and the Israeli army. All original buildings have recently been renovated and the site turned into one of Tel Aviv's hot spots with boutique shops, bars, restaurants and an excellent indoor culinary Sarona Market.

Here we end the tour and you can start spoiling your inner self.

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Old Jaffa and early Tel Aviv





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