Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Free Walking Tour

With 10 years of experience of working with travelers, the energetic and licensed tour guides of Cairo Walking Tours will the most successful walking tour in the city. They will teach you how to walk, eat and drink like an Egyptian. with them you won't feel you were visiting the city; you will feel for sure you were living in the city for that special day.

Free walking tour in Cairo

Once you get to Cairo, you will notice that Watching the city from behind the bus or hotel windows is not the best option. Voices, smells and the colors will invite you to come out and join the dance. It may look like a scary chaos at the beginning, but let these moments pass with the shiver they give you. Soon you will find yourself decode the
noise into a symphony. Even what you thought it was a chaos will be understood and your eyes will define the movements.

This tour runs daily at the busy center of Cairo,Tahrir square. Your Tour guide will take you first to the Egyptian Museum. The tour covers the 2 floors of the museum with an expert Egyptologist guide.

After the museum you will stop by a traditional coffee shop for a refreshing drink before you start to walk into the heart of Cairo. You will be crossing through one of the busiest and largest souq ( market ) of Cairo and Egypt. This walk will take you so close to the every day life of the Egyptians and will give you a rich taste of the culture. At the other end of the walk, your guide will take you with an informative tour through the largest open museum for Islamic architectures and ancient building. Mamluk mosques, ancient wall and gates of Cairo, traditional workshops and restaurants etc.

Where: Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square, Downtown Cairo.

Duration: Approximately 4-6 hours. depends on the group dynamic, traffic and the weather.
Highlights: The Egyptian Museum, Cairo Downtown, Traditional meal and drink, Khan El Khalily market, El Hakim market, Cairo ancient gate( Bab El Fotooh).

Group size is limited to 6 participants.

Cost: Pay What You Like! – The guides work exclusively for your appreciation. You pay what you thought the tour was worth.
Dress code: Please be sure to wear clothes covering the knees when you are sitting, tops that is covering the shoulders ( half sleeves).