Delhi, India

Yoga, Heritage Walk & Dinner at Lodi Gardens $155

Reap the benefits of yoga by trying different "asanas" that rejuvenate the mind and body to sharpen your concentration, improve health and attain peace of mind. Then, walk in the calm environs of Lodi Gardens and enjoy a romantic dinner.

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Benefit from pick-up at your Delhi hotel and embark on a journey to peace and tranquility with a combined yoga session, heritage walk and dinner in peaceful Lodi Gardens.

Engrained in Indian culture, the ancient roots of yoga have spread across the world as a means of spiritual and ascetic discipline for good health and relaxation. Known as a science, art and philosophy of life, yoga encompasses a variety of traditions geared towards self discipline, self realization and unity of the self with the universe.

Try the different asanas (positions) under the instruction of a yoga master, and reap the benefits of an ancient life science. Then, go to Lodi Gardens in the heart of New Delhi and stroll among the ancient trees, colorful shrubs, flowering plants and historic monuments.

The garden was created in the early 20th century as a site for the tombs and monuments of the Lodi and Sayyid dynasties. The oldest structure in the complex is a turret that historians believe may have belonged to the Tughlaq period. End the night with an exquisite dinner at a romantic garden restaurant.

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