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Full Day Louvre morning and History of Paris walk in the afternoon $485. Up to 6 Persons.

Full day tour : Louvre in the Morning , a lunch in Place Dauphine, an evening walk in Montmartre about History and Art.

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Highlights for Private Tour


Morning tour in the Louvre (9.30am-12.30pm)

Start: You meet at 9.30am, the guide picks up from your hôtel.

1. From the hôtel, you’ll take the public transportation with your guide, and learn how to take the metro (subway) in Paris. It is also possible to take a taxi or Uber from your hôtel.

2. Arriving at the Louvre. The guide will help you to buy your tickets, and you’ll be able to skip the lines to access the museum. The tour of the Louvre is approximately 2,5 hours long.

3. Today, the Louvre is the biggest and one of the greatest museums in the world. Starting with the History of the building, we then invite you to discover some of the masterpieces of the Louvre.

4.From the great Sphinx of Egypt, and the Greek sculptures like the Venus of Milo or the Winged Victory, we’ll also take you through the Italian department of paintings.

5. You’ll of course learn about all the great mysteries of the Mona Lisa, and you’ll also see the biggest painting in the Louvre, the Wedding in Cana.

6. Learn about the French History too, by discovering the famous painting “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte”.

Lunch break at Place Dauphine next to the Louvre (12.30pm-2pm)

1. From the Louvre, which is located in the center of Paris, you can walk with your guide to one of the most charming squares in Paris : Place Dauphine. It is a short 10 minutes walk from the Louvre.

2. On the way, you’ll see the oldest bridge in Paris, called le Pont Neuf, across the Seine river. From the bridge, you can appreciate a nice view on some of Paris greatest monuments (Notre Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower, French Academy, Louvre).

3.Walk across the bridge to get to the Place Dauphine, one of the 5 Royal Squares of Paris, that was dedicated to King Louis XIII, located on the Island called Ile de la Cité, for lunch.

4. Quiet place with lots of French cafés and Brasseries. You can choose with your guide the place that you like to enjoy a typical French lunch (hot meal and a glass of wine, a French pastry for desert and a good café crème, chich is the French Latte).

Afternoon History of Paris (2pm-5pm)

The Island and Latin Quarter: History of Paris walking tour

1. After lunch, you’ll explore the Ile de la Cité, the Island where the city of Paris was born in the 300 BC.

2. Discover with your guide the former King’s palace, the beautiful Sainte Chapelle, and the cathedral of Notre Dame. The great cathedral of Paris, built from 1163 to 1245, it one of the greatest monuments of Paris, which is already 856 years old ! Go with your guides inside the cathedral for a visit (free entrance), and discover the magnificent rose windows and it’s stained glasses.

3. From Notre Dame cathedral, you’ll cross the Seine river to the Left Bank and the Latin quarter. In this area of Paris, you’ll walked through centuries of History. Discovering the Paris of the Romans (Romans baths), the narrow streets of the middle ages, and learn about the architecture in Paris, since the city for re modeled by Haussmann in the mid 1800 hundreds.

4. On the way, you’ll see the oldest tree in Paris, planted in the 16th hundreds, as well as the amazing bookstores Shakespeare & Company, the Sorbonne University, food/gourmet shops (get some knowledge about the French bread, pastries, cheese, and the strict regulation about food) and you’ll learn about the great moments that made French History, like the French Revolution!


The tour can be customized around your needs and your schedule.

Guest reviews

Louvre Private Tour.

Excellent traveler rating on Tripadvisor

“Today the full day tour went very well.
With my husband and my 2 sweet girls , Flora had been attentionate and teaching history to the kids with a pedagogical and fun way! They loved the Louvre, the treasure hunt organized by Flora and we finished around 12.30pm which was just enough for them.
Then, we took the metro and ate in a local place rue de Charonne. After lunch she knew a couple of shops they would enjoy on that street (they wanted some cute clothes, and not to expensive). she is really amazing with the kids
It was perfect, we spent 2 hours there and they bought lots of little things. They were really happy. the next day we went shopping with Flora, her tips are gold!
The girls were really happy with all the gifts”

Kate and her kids from Philly
Excellent traveler rating on Tripadvisor

Most amazing tour ever!!!.

“This was the best tour I have ever been on!!! Flora was the guide and her knowledge of the topic and the angle of discussing the sites in the context of European history/influences/beliefs was phenomenal. I could not recommend this experience more to anyone who is interested in this topic area.
I found her through Booqify but it took some digging to eventually get to it from all the other tour offerings of Le Marais district”

Excellent traveler rating on Tripadvisor

Flora was knowledgeable, friendly and an excellent guide.

“Flora took us through 2,000 years of Jewish history in Paris.
If you are passionate about Jewish history I would highly recommend hiring Flora.
She brings to light many ideas, perspectives and facts that you wouldn’t otherwise find.”


Profile image of tour guide Flora Goldenberg
Flora Goldenber

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