The best restaurants in Budapest are usually on the Pest side of the city, but luckily better and better places are popping up on the other side too. One of them is Semmi Extra (means ‘Nothing Special’).

maglya rakas

They have a menu with burgers, tortillas, salads, pastas, panini and desserts, and besides these, they offer a weekly menu with 3-4 options for every meal at affordable prices. The dishes are not really typical, they are rather a tasty mixture of the different cuisines and recipes. For example, they offer a duck burger with duck liver, onion marmalade, goat cheese, honey-mustard sauce, fried pepper, and homemade hamburger bun.

The interior is also quite remarkable: it is set up in a former cinema building, and they’ve kept the typical cinema seats (which is probably not the comfiest chair ever), and mixed it up with an industrial look.

All in all, Semmi Extra is always a good choice to have a not too pricey but interesting meal, try new flavours and enjoy the unique atmosphere.