Thai House

Great authentic Thai food


TheThai House opened in the spring of 1996. Back then, few believed the local clientele would enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. But the owners insisted, believed, and built a restaurant that specializes in Isan (north west Thailand) dishes. Onto them they added Thai classics from the Bangkok region and the southern Islands (curry coconut dishes and classic street stall dishes).
The restaurant is managed by Yariv Malili and his Thai wife Lek Sunan, who comes from a long line of Thai Restaurateurs. Together they serve authentic precise Thai cuisine up to the special Thai vegetables they grow for the restaurants use.
Authenticity is the corner stone of Thai House. The thai curries are based upon fresh squeezed coconuts, the papaya salad is sliced only upon order from organic green papayas, and the eggplants are from a Thai species called “Makua Prau” they specially grow on their own farm.